Custom Jewelry Design

Town Square Jewelers is your personal jeweler. Our peerless design experience assists you in making a noteworthy, personal statement that mass-produced jewelry cannot capture in the same way. Using our computer-aided design systems, custom design jewelry is created, modified, and optimized to bring your dream inspiration into life.

The Machine

Computer Aided Design is our computer software aid assisting us in the creation, revision, and optimization of your dream jewelry piece. Using this software allows us to optimally facilitate jewelry with utmost precision, accuracy, and detail.

The Model

The first step simply involves the illustration of your picture-perfect idea. Next, we create a 3D resin replica of our sketch for your preview and evaluation. Your originality is at the center of this development process. If the initial model isn’t precisely your vision, we will allow one completely free modification session for your ultimate satisfaction.

The Manufacture

Once the replica is approved, it’s time for your idea to come to life by moving into assembly. Although the production process can be timely, it is worth the wait. Your dream piece is only a blueprint away.

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Custom Jewelry Request Form

Please fill out the information below and we will contact you regarding your custom jewelry needs. If you prefer, call us at (770) 460-7787 and we will be thrilled to speak with you on the phone.

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