The Other Diamond

Have you been unsuccessful in your search for a unique diamond that properly represents you? Finding the perfect diamond to compliment your individuality can sometimes feel as expensive and time-consuming as mining the diamond yourself. Discover the excitement and exhilaration you’re looking for by exploring the benefits of Town Square Jeweler’s “other” diamond option.

What’s the “other” option?

Lab-created diamonds are developed in extreme settings. As a result, superior technological procedures are needed to recreate the environment beneath the earth where diamonds form. Like natural diamonds, these man-made counterparts are comprised of carbon atoms, which are methodically organized to form the diamond’s crystal configuration. Consequently, whether the diamond is mined from the earth or lab-engineered, both display the same optical and chemical properties such as density, hardness, and crystalline formation. So, in this case, if it looks a diamond, it is a diamond…

What are the benefits?

  • Eco-friendly – Conscientiously refined and grown, 100% sustainable with minimal environmental impact
  • Quality – Almost identical chemical, physical, and optical attributes when compared to natural, mined diamonds
  • Value – Incredibly cost-effective and exceedingly affordable in relation to natural diamonds of equal quality and size
  • Ethical – Created in the bounds of a laboratory as opposed to mined from an unsafe place, therefore, no lives were harmed or mistreated in the manufacturing of your piece


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